The Acura NSX adds Indy yellow paint for 2020

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Steven Ewing/Roadshow Acura’s infamous NSX received a number of small but meaningful tweaks for the 2019 model year; Editor-in-Chief Tim Stevens says Acura makes the hybrid supercar even more enjoyable than before. So as the NSX rolls into 2020, there aren’t any mechanical changes to speak of. But longtime fans of Acura’s icon might find a new visual update to be particularly enticing.

Acura revealed the 2020 NSX’s new Indy yellow pearl paint color as part of its Monterey Car Week festivities on Thursday. If this specific shade looks familiar, that’s because it’s a modern take on the well-loved spa yellow that Acura offered on the 1997 to 2003 NSX.

Spa yellow was called Indy yellow in several parts of the world, hence the name change. For the 2020 NSX, Indy yellow joins Berlina black as one of two «heritage» colors that pay homage to the original supercar. However, while Berlina black, 130R white and curva red are a no-cost options, Indy yellow joins the ranks of thermal orange, source silver and casino white as a $1,000 upcharge. Acura will continue to offer the 2020 NSX in the stunning shades of Valencia red and nouvelle blue, as well, for $6,000.

The 2020 NSX carries the same price tag as the 2019 model: $157,500, not including $1,995 for destination. Acura says the 2020 NSX is available for ordering now, and deliveries will begin in November.

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