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My journey in dog training started in 2002 when I was in the process of setting up my Los Angeles home-based business that focused on web and graphic design. I went to craigslist to find potential clients and came across an ad: BECOME A DOG TRAINER.

I’ve always loved dogs, so the idea of a career that involved being around them all day long AND getting paid for it wasn’t an opportunity I wanted to pass up.

So, I put my thinking cap on and wrote an awesome cover letter. Writing was the was the only thing I had going for me since I didn’t have any experience actually training dogs. Low and behold, I got an interview.

The day I met John Van Olden was the day my life changed forever. He was a Military Police Dog Handler , now veteran. During his time served, he trained German Shepherds after they were used to protect the Berlin wall when it fell. These dogs were very aggressive and would’ve been put down if John hadn’t come up the program that involved a very strict in-home bootcamp to teach the dogs how to adapt to home life and be trusted with actual families.

He went on and founded the first Franchise, K9 Advantage method to then creating Pawsitive Solutions that quickly grew to become the largest private dog training company on the West Coast, relying primarily on professional referral, and employing 36 professional, and highly successful dog trainers. I was one of them.

The training I went through was AMAZING and super extensive. We had manuals, learned various methods and most importantly, had hours upon hours of hands on training that involved pet dogs (we boarded and trained them for free) but also going into shelters to train even the most unruly.

I went on my own and had his full support. Anytime I had issues with a client, he’d fly down and help me out. He is just an amazing mentor, dog trainer and a great friend.

In all of my years of dog training, I have yet to meet someone that is as skilled as John. His leash handling is magic, his confidence exudes from him and I’m unsure there is a dog he hasn’t changed for the better.

I went back to school in Colorado to learn schutzhund, tracking and we studied wolf behavior at Mission Wolf. Having had experience with John’s school, I wasn’t as impressed but still learned quite a bit. This experience was eye opening on just how organized and professional John’s education was.

After Colorado, I continued my in-home dog training and started to get high-end clients and celebrities. I won’t name drop, but there were a few that I actually got to live with in their beautiful homes to do all of the training for them. At one point, I even got to be a dog handler on a comedians private plane as he wanted to bring his dogs with him on tour. I had some crazy opportunities but the one that was by far my favorite was when we founded Thank Dog! Bootcamp.

We were the worlds first obedience and fitness bootcamp that combined cardio training, strength training and obedience training! All classes were run by a personal trainer and dog trainer. We got popular real fast and started to appear on big shows like the Dog Whisperer, Animal planets: Dogs 101, Access Hollywood, The Today show, Good morning America, lot’s of local news, magazines, newspapers. You name it, we were on it.

Because of this we had people from all over wanting to bring a bootcamp to their area, so we developed a training program and licensed it all over. John helped us a lot, we even hired him to be a consultant as we were building the business. Soon, we created the first mobile app to replicate our program.

After years of dedication, I threw in the towel and started a family. I had such an awesome dog training career that I wanted to end it on a good note and start a new chapter. I moved to Ohio and had boy and girl twins!

SO, what is the point of this article? Well…it’s Canine Trade Group. A business founded by John that is a genius model. He finds and trains dog trainers and sets them up for success. He has an entire office dedicated to answering the phone for potential clients. The dog trainer and John are more like business partners and he gets a very small percentage. It’s almost like lead generation on steroids. He’s always in contact with them for support and will go to the ends of the earth if someone needs anything. It’s super important to him that they all find success.

If you want to become a dog trainer, take it from me…website is your best bet and my background and experience proves it.

Jill Bowers
Dog Trainer and Entreprenuer Written with love of my experience with Canine Trade Group

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