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Throughout the Very first Globe Battle 2 Uk soldiers, Blake as well as Schofield, were billed having a seemingly not possible objective: to be able to cross enemy territory to provide a vital message that could save the actual lives of countless troops, such as Blake’s brother.

WWI. In 1917, the sides on the front tend to be exhausted, confirmed with a conflict that has been happening with regard to 3 years without decreeing winners and losers.

One day, 2 British soldiers named Schofield as well as Blake tend to be instructed to complete an arduous mission or even, better to state, an nearly impossible undertaking. The other soldiers may have the obligation in order to mix the actual hostile adversary territory to provide a note to some battalion, made up of 1, six hundred men and amongst whom is also Blake’s sibling.

Thus, they would avoid troops through slipping into a lethal trap, structured along with military clever by the enemies. However, their own would have been a race against time: in between grenades, bullets and undesirable climate conditions.


Dean-Charles Chapman — Lance Corporal Blake
George MacKay — Lance Corporal Schofield
Daniel Mays — Sergeant Sanders
Colin Firth — General Erinmore
Pip Carter — Lieutenant Gordon
Paul Tinto — NCO Baker
Andy Apollo — Sergeant Miller
Josef Davies — Private Stokes
Billy Postlethwaite — NCO Harvey
Andrew Scott — Lieutenant Leslie
Gabriel Akuwudike — Private Buchanan
Spike Leighton — Private Kilgour
Gerran Howell — Private Parry
Adam Hugill — Private Atkins
Robert Maaser — German Pilot

Director: Sam Mendes

Writers: Sam Mendes, Krysty Wilson-Cairns

Release Date: 25 December 2019

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