Why Are Folks Attracted To Faith

There are quite a few religions on the planet today; a few of these have been around for 1000’s of years and some could possibly be described as new in comparison. And as well because the religions which can be clearly definable as religions, there are also different figures and establishments which might be serving a really similar purpose.

Nonetheless, these might not be observed or perceived as having any similarities to religion.

Which means

Before we take a look at what these reasons could be, let us take a look at the word religion and its meaning. In the dictionary the world religion comes from the Latin word Ligare and this means to bind.

So then, anything that connects one to something may very well be classed as a religion based on this meaning.

And because the saying goes ‘The map is not the territory’. Something will be called a faith, but that’s just a word and it does not clarify a lot of what’s really going on. It does not clarify the psychology that’s involved.

The word has gained a considerably negative which means over time and this is because of the behaviour of a number of the folks that have associated themselves with a particular religion.

Faith might be blamed; nevertheless it doesn’t take away our own individual responsibility.

The Objective

Shouldn’t be vital whether or not one believes in faith or not. The purpose of this is to look deeply at what is likely to be attracting folks to associative with religions and at the same time what needs this might be fulfilling within the person.

This can be to not say that what attracts folks to religion is at all times dysfunctional.

A Metaphor

It’s just like when one is hungry; right here one consumes food to appease the feeling of hunger. The desire to eat will not be negative or dysfunctional; it’s merely a part of life.

Nonetheless, it might be sensible to look at why one is hungry and likewise what would entice one to certain foods. Sometimes these can be healthy meals and generally these will probably be unhealthy. One could be attracted to unhealthy meals, however instead of blaming the meals one can take a look at what is attracting them to the foods. This could possibly be classed as being a conscious eater.

My Opinion

These views are my opinion and I do not declare to have all of the solutions or the only answers. My curiosity shouldn’t be in the legitimacy of any religion or religion per se. What pursuits me is trying on the psychology of religion.

I believe that through the observation of how the ego mind capabilities, one will probably be able to achieve a greater understanding of religion.

The Ego Mind

This is the part of us that is conditioned by our experiences. A few of these can be traumatic and a few of these can have little or no effect on our lives. And what these experiences do is form how we understand reality.

And the best way it perceives life is although polarities. Right here there are only ever methods and the whole of life shall be perceived via certainly one of these ways. This is the nice and the bad; the fitting and the worn and so on. Existence is then damaged up into parts. Life becomes an expression of hierarchy and never wholarchy.

The ego fears change and this is because the only means it will probably function and exist is thru things being the same. It feels safe with what is familiar. And if something had been to change; it will imply demise to the ego mind.

Its id and only level of reference is the previous and the present moment is all the time being interpreted primarily based on past experiences.


One of many things that trauma does is create battle and separation. One feels separate from what they need and need. What the ego does is project these wants externally.

These needs can consist of the need to feel: connected, empowered, significant and safe; as well as the necessity for meaning and purpose.

The Self

So the ego mind has ultimately been created from pain and trauma. It’s not a real expression of who one is. The true self is extremely different to the ego mind. Here one is also the observer of the mind and never the mind itself

Hold On!

However let’s forget in regards to the true self for the moment and let’s continue with the ego mind. Right here one has been lower off from who they truly are and is now dwelling from the ego minds perceptions and projections.

A natural consequence is to project all of those needs and wants to an exterior source. And to the degree that one has not realised something within; will define how much someone seems without.

How Does This Usually Look?

It isn’t possible to take a look at each facet right here; so let’s look at the more common occurrences.

Higher Or Lower

With the mind working in polarities and higher being seen as better than decrease, it makes complete sense for gods to often exist in the sky. This is because trauma can cause one to determine with their ego and feel inferior and beneath others. And if this happens and one feels inferior or beneath another, there would be the tendency to understand others as being higher or superior.


As the ego fears change and due to this fact demise it then becomes essential for religions to promise an afterlife for example. This way the ego mind feels safe and may be sure that there is a tomorrow.


The ego mind also needs certainty and this is a part of feeling safe. As if something is different it in fact won’t really feel safe. This additionally shows the importance of being right; as if the mind is incorrect it might lead to death. And this absolutely shows why there’s often the insistence on one religion being proper and another faith being wrong. The individual’s ego is on the lookout for exterior certainty to calm the uncertainty that is active within.


And if one feels separate from life and cut off internally because of trauma or perception, they will be drawn to anything exterior that promises connection and a sense of belonging.

Management And Empowerment

Faith is often seen as controlling. And through the completely different traumas, ones ego mind is likely to really feel a lack of control and empowerment. One then must do or be more than others to compensate for this inside state. This typically turns into a need to manage another or others.

And a common figure or archetype for empowerment is often the male or masculine figure. This of course, shows up in lots of the different religions. The female or female energy typically represents nurturing; in order that wouldn’t evoke the same expertise that the male figure would do in people.

Goal And Which means

It’s said that ones purpose and which means is something one finds within. And is an expression of the center and not the mind. Nevertheless one of many things that conditioning and trauma does is minimize one off from their heart. Ones consideration is then more likely to be targeted on the outside world and not on what’s going on within.

So this would explain why religion is so well-liked by way of function and that means, it provides one what they have maybe lost contact within or maybe have not ever known within.


It’s my view that regardless of the ego mind creates has little or no to do with what is true. And this is because its major operate is to ensure ones survival. What it sees and what it wants from the world will often be coming from what has not been realised within.

Because everything that is seen externally and this consists of what is written in word and what’s displayed in symbols, has come from a human beings mind. And this means that it has been filtered by their level of awareness and perception. This is what makes it necessary to observe the mind and to see the way it functions.

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